PUMPKIN Smash SmoOthie :)

Thank You Jamba Juice for the return of Pumpkin smash!!
This smoothie is absolutely delish, if You happen to Adore all things pumpkin, as I do.
This smoothie is seasonal so it's only available for a limited time.bummer...oh well absence makes the heart grow fonder (take the McRib for example) there is just something extra special about elusive items..their just worth waiting for
Ingredients are: pumpkin purée, vanilla frozen yogurt, soy milk & spice

It's seriously like pumpkin pie through a straw ( yea that goOd) & super easy to make @ home if u don't have a Jamba close by.

Go to Jambajuice.com for your local store & coupons


*Jamba Juice offers Pumkin Smash seasonally every fall until January

*Pumpkin is a great source for Beta-Carotene, wich the body turns into vitamin A. It also contains a hefty amount of Fiber, Vitamin C & Iron

*Soy milk contains the same protien proportions as Milk. It's a good source of lecithin and vitamin E

Have u made a smoothie @ home? What are your favorites? I'd love to hear from you.

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