Inca Kola

Hello FoOdies

Today I have for You A carbonated beverage called: Inca Kola
It originated in Puru in 1939.
This soda is very popular throughout South america. Inca Kola is available in most Latin grocers worldwide and has a very loyal following, so much so, that it tops Coca-Cola in sales in Peru.

The Drink itself is a bright bubbly yellow & has a strong sweet bubble gum aroma. The flavor comes across creamy with a pineapple citrus hint.

it's very different from anything I've had. The company describes it as lemon verbena, but I find it a little too sweet to pick up on a strong lemon flavor.
It's worth trying & would be a great addition to a puruvian themed dinner nite!

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  1. I love it!!!...taste gOOOOOdddddddddd!