McLovin is Baaaaack!!

The sandwich that loves to play hide & seek, the world renowned guilty pleasure, pork patty slathered in BBQ sauce, white onion slivers with 2 dill pickle chips on a fluffy bun....

We all eat junk food & the cult favorite McRib sandwich happens to be My guilty pleasure! Don't judge me...
McDonald's brought this culinary monstrosity to life the same year I was born. Call me crazy but there's just something special about our on again off again relationship that I can't let go of. He leaves without so much as a goodbye.. he doesnt call..he doesnt write and then outta nowhere when I least expect it, he pops up & suprises me...& we pick right back up where we left off....I wouldn't have it any other way.... Elusively delicious :))

What's your guilty pleasure?

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