Papas and Eggs

Today we have a simple & tasty meal, One that I personally grew up eating. A breakfast comfort food called Papas & Egg.
My grandmother still make this for My grandfather. This dish is always Yummy & filling. Papas & Egg is a simple dish that consists of pan fried potato(papa) and eggs scrambled together. This dish is very versatile and can be customized to your liking. You can add bacon, sausage, onion, peppers, cheese, salsa, sour cream. You can eat this with toast or roll it into burritos or tacos. Depending on what you have on hand.

Today I will add onion. Gather your ingredients.

Potatoes(I grew up using Idaho)
Fat ( veg oil, Manteca or bacon fat)
Seasoning(salt,pepper,garlic salt)
Optional items

•wash & peel potatoes
•cut potatoes into even bite size pieces. I like to chip away at the potato with my knife. Just as my grandmother does.
• heat pan with fat & add potatoes,cook until tender
•season potatoes well
•add extras & cook until potatoes are golden brown
•crack & whip eggs with wisk or fork
•pour eggs over potato mixture and scramble until eggs & potatoes no longer look wet
•top with Your favorite hot sauce & enjoy!


Qream with a Q

Pharell better know in the Music scene has paired with Diageo (same company behind Diddys Ciroc) & decided to branch out into the adult beverage world..yes folks: Alcohol
Not just any alcohol, but one especially made for woman. The working girl to be precise. A vanilla cream based liqueur that is 95% lactose free in Peach or Strawberry. And it's actually low calorie indulgence. The name of the drink derived from it being a cream liqueur, using a Q in the spelling, for ‘Queen’.
The drink is like strawberry milk bended with vodka...I think it would be great in a blended cocktail

Have u tried Qream? What do u think?

*photos courtesy of Qream

PUMPKIN Smash SmoOthie :)

Thank You Jamba Juice for the return of Pumpkin smash!!
This smoothie is absolutely delish, if You happen to Adore all things pumpkin, as I do.
This smoothie is seasonal so it's only available for a limited time.bummer...oh well absence makes the heart grow fonder (take the McRib for example) there is just something extra special about elusive items..their just worth waiting for
Ingredients are: pumpkin purée, vanilla frozen yogurt, soy milk & spice

It's seriously like pumpkin pie through a straw ( yea that goOd) & super easy to make @ home if u don't have a Jamba close by.

Go to Jambajuice.com for your local store & coupons


*Jamba Juice offers Pumkin Smash seasonally every fall until January

*Pumpkin is a great source for Beta-Carotene, wich the body turns into vitamin A. It also contains a hefty amount of Fiber, Vitamin C & Iron

*Soy milk contains the same protien proportions as Milk. It's a good source of lecithin and vitamin E

Have u made a smoothie @ home? What are your favorites? I'd love to hear from you.


Once You Go Black.......

I'm a sucker for cool packaging, I can admit that. I love innovative, new & unique items especially when it comes to food & drinks...This water was no exceptions. Luckily for me This water was way more than a pretty shell, after some research, I knew all there was to know about this special H2O that has been flying off the shelves across the country.
Well first off the bottle is actually clear... It's the water that's black. Okay I know what Your thinking.. Gross!! Who would want to drink black water?!!

"This spring water is actually blended with high quality Fulvic Acid (a plant derivative ) which is naturally black in color. No artificial dyes, colors or additives are added. Fulvic acid is critical in the growth of plant & cell life, helping the Transportation & absorption of nutrients. Fulvic acids small molecular structure allows for the fast absorbtion of over 77 trace minerals, elements, powerful electrolytes, antioxidants and free radical scavengers."

So Black water..pretty different, Right! I don't mind different with a purpose..so I dug a little deeper into this Fulvic acid to see what was so special that I'd want to down Liquid Darth Vader.

First off its certified organic & kosher. It has a PH of 9.0 & is oderless & tasteless. It taste just like plain old water . Fulvic Acid is sometimes referred to as the miracle molecule & is known for balancing & energizing cell life. It's getting a lot of buzz lately for its healing properties in human & animals. It has a strong antibacterial property that speeds up recovery times. Helps focus & gives energy. fulvic Acid is believed to be an aid to a host of problems such as Acid reflux, digestion problems and removing toxins from the body. I have even heard fulvic acid being used in studies for cancer,autism & Alzheimer's.
Everything I've read has been positive. It's a little expensive, but if it works it's priceless

Have You tried blk.?

POTD: Spicy Sausage Sammich :)

Okay ladies & Gents for the POTD (Plate Of The Day) we have a simple quick dinner that My husband absolutly loves... It doesnt get no easier.
1 loaf of French bread cut into thirds
1 pack of sausages ( we used chicken mango habanero )
1/2 white onion julianne
1/2 green bell pepper Julianne
BBQ sauce
Chips of your choice ( we chose BBQ kettle chips)

Pre heat your grill & slice the sausages lengthwise, but not all the way through.
Place the sausages on the grill for 5 minutes per side ( 10 minutes total ) sautee onions & peppers. Toast bread and in a small bowl mix mustard & BBQ sauce of your choice. Sauce the interior of the bread, pile on veggies & sausage, top with a sandwich pick. Plate with chips & pickles. I hope u enjoy this Quick weekday meal ;)


McLovin is Baaaaack!!

The sandwich that loves to play hide & seek, the world renowned guilty pleasure, pork patty slathered in BBQ sauce, white onion slivers with 2 dill pickle chips on a fluffy bun....

We all eat junk food & the cult favorite McRib sandwich happens to be My guilty pleasure! Don't judge me...
McDonald's brought this culinary monstrosity to life the same year I was born. Call me crazy but there's just something special about our on again off again relationship that I can't let go of. He leaves without so much as a goodbye.. he doesnt call..he doesnt write and then outta nowhere when I least expect it, he pops up & suprises me...& we pick right back up where we left off....I wouldn't have it any other way.... Elusively delicious :))

What's your guilty pleasure?


Outlaw Spicy Chicken JITB

Every now & The fast food Gods get it right. A little Over a week ago Jack In The Box rolled out the chuck wagon. With bold flavors reminiscent of a campfire BBQ & huge cowboy portions. Take your pick of a jumbo beef patty or spicy crispy chicken fillet, topped with bourbon BBQ sauce, lettuce,tomato American cheese, hickory smoked bacon & crispy onion rings on a sesame seed bun.
I usually don't eat the sandwiches from JITB...I prefer others. On impulse I ordered the spicy chicken Outlaw & crossed My fingers. The sandwich came in a hexagon box, I'm told this is standard for JITB's larger sandwiches

This Outlaw gets an "A" for presentation, often the promotional picture & the actual product look NOTHING alike. The outlaw was a pretty good looking package.. The bacon was crisp and smokey..onion rings were crunchy & flavorful. The bourbon BBQ sauce pulled it all together, with the right balance of sweet & spice. The outlaw comes with 2 slices of cheese, but to be honest I think it would be just as good without.

The Outlaws are here for a limited time only...get a 1.00 off coupon (www.jackinthebox.com)

Have u tried the Outlaws??


Honeycrisp: The apple lovers Apple!

Have you ever tasted an apple that was explosively crispy,sweet & tart?

Honeycrisp apples are a Newer variety of apple that has been getting loads of attention & adoring fans, who are buying the apples as fast as they are grown.
This apple is being touted as a designer apple. Developed at the University of Minnesota from a macoun apple & honygold cross(which is a golden delicious & haralson cross) Honeycrisp variety were brought to the public in 1991, the honeycrisp is believed to be "The best, most exciting apple ever introduced...

Honeycrisp are very High quality eating apples! They are aromatic, sweet,tart,crisp & juicy. The flesh is cream colored & course. The flavors can range from mild & well balanced to strongly aromatic depending on maturity.
Honeycrisp apples have been consistently ranked as one of the highest quality apples, since emerging.
The fruit has shown excellent storage characteristics. The flavor & texture can be maintained for at least 6 months with proper refrigeration

Honeycrisp apples harvest ranges from mid september through mid October!

This is the perfect time to try this wildly delicious apple.. They can be hard to find, so be on the look out! They are a little higher cost wise from other apples, but they are truly worth it!!

I can't wait to make candied apples with mine. These apples are perfect for lunchboxes, diced in yogurt, cheese platters & just about anything else you can think of.

Have you tasted a Honeycrisp apple? What store have you found the apple at?


Hospital FoOd gets a gourmet Makeover

I'm currently staying in the hospital due to back surgery.... Hospitals are no fun & usually aren't good for Gourmet eats

Actually hospitals have had a bad rap for as long as I can remember & fortunately due to my current situation I can report to you that the eats Are slowly but surely changing. Over the past few months I've been to a couple of facilities & the difference in food was drastic.
A handful of hospitals worldwide are taking on a new approach when it comes to what they serve their patients to eat. Hospitals are the very place we go to feel better and revive our bodies, why shouldn't the food be nutritious, delicious & appealing. When We eat well, We feel well.. It's a preventative measure in the very least.

More health facilities are becoming aware of the impact food has on the public as well as environmental health.

They are signing the Healthy Food in Health care Pledge & are implementing policies & programs, which demonstrate a commitment to "first do No harm & treating food & it's production & distribution as preventative medicine that protects the health of patients,staff & communities

The Pledge:

1.WORK with local farmers, community-based organizations and food suppliers to increase the availability of locally-sourced food.

2.ENCOURAGE our vendors and/or food management companies to supply us with food that is, among other attributes, produced without synthetic pesticides and hormones or antibiotics given to animals in the absence of diagnosed disease and which supports farmer health and welfare, and ecologically protective and restorative agriculture.

3.IMPLEMENT a stepwise program to identify and adopt sustainable food procurement. Begin where fewer barriers exist and immediate steps can be taken. For example, the adoption of rBGH free milk, fair trade coffee, or introduction of organic fresh fruit in the cafeteria.

4.COMMUNICATE to our Group Purchasing Organizations our interest in foods that are identified as local and certified.

5.EDUCATE and communicate within our system and to our patients and community about our nutritious, socially just and ecological sustainable food healthy food practices and procedures.

5.MINIMIZE or beneficially reuse food waste and support the use of food packaging and products which are ecologically protective.

7.DEVELOP a program to promote and source from producers and processors which uphold the dignity of family, farmers, workers and their communities and support sustainable and humane agriculture systems.

8.REPORT annually on implementation of this Pledge.

Has your hospital taken the pledge?

Check at: www.NoHarm.Org

If not,print out the pledge & take it to Your next Dr. Appointment (be the change You want to see)

A better life one BITE @ a time.....


Inca Kola

Hello FoOdies

Today I have for You A carbonated beverage called: Inca Kola
It originated in Puru in 1939.
This soda is very popular throughout South america. Inca Kola is available in most Latin grocers worldwide and has a very loyal following, so much so, that it tops Coca-Cola in sales in Peru.

The Drink itself is a bright bubbly yellow & has a strong sweet bubble gum aroma. The flavor comes across creamy with a pineapple citrus hint.

it's very different from anything I've had. The company describes it as lemon verbena, but I find it a little too sweet to pick up on a strong lemon flavor.
It's worth trying & would be a great addition to a puruvian themed dinner nite!

Welcome fellow FoOdies ;)

I've finally decided the time has come for me to bring all my food madness to one place. I'm a young, innovative chef who is passionate about food & all things food, from recipes to reviews, facts & back again. Join me as I take a bite out of this melting pot...learning new things every step of the way

Happy eating,

Chef Tif.