Honeycrisp: The apple lovers Apple!

Have you ever tasted an apple that was explosively crispy,sweet & tart?

Honeycrisp apples are a Newer variety of apple that has been getting loads of attention & adoring fans, who are buying the apples as fast as they are grown.
This apple is being touted as a designer apple. Developed at the University of Minnesota from a macoun apple & honygold cross(which is a golden delicious & haralson cross) Honeycrisp variety were brought to the public in 1991, the honeycrisp is believed to be "The best, most exciting apple ever introduced...

Honeycrisp are very High quality eating apples! They are aromatic, sweet,tart,crisp & juicy. The flesh is cream colored & course. The flavors can range from mild & well balanced to strongly aromatic depending on maturity.
Honeycrisp apples have been consistently ranked as one of the highest quality apples, since emerging.
The fruit has shown excellent storage characteristics. The flavor & texture can be maintained for at least 6 months with proper refrigeration

Honeycrisp apples harvest ranges from mid september through mid October!

This is the perfect time to try this wildly delicious apple.. They can be hard to find, so be on the look out! They are a little higher cost wise from other apples, but they are truly worth it!!

I can't wait to make candied apples with mine. These apples are perfect for lunchboxes, diced in yogurt, cheese platters & just about anything else you can think of.

Have you tasted a Honeycrisp apple? What store have you found the apple at?


  1. Wow I wish all fruit could be persevered for 6 months. Wouldn't that be nice. Cute blog keep up the good work your friend.


  2. Thank you for coming by :())