Classic Turkey Gravy

With Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow I wanted to give out some pointers for FABULOUS GRAVY!

No matter what type of gravy You prefer, the rules are the same:

• 1/2c fat (meat drippings,butter)
• 1/2c flour
• 8c of liquid such as stock or broth ( upgrade store bought broth by boiling with bay leaves, onions, garlic & herbs. Then strain before using )

This will make 8 cups of gravy

For flavorful gravies always Degrease your pan to remove fat from the pan drippings saving only the flavorful juices ( use a degreasing cup if you have one )
Deglazing is a way of saving the yummy bits that are left in the roasting pan. Add liquid to the pan, stirring with a wooden spoon to loosen the brown bits. Add them to the saved juices

Make a roux by cooking a mixture of equal parts fat & flour until golden brown. This will act as a base & thickening agent for gravy

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